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Meet the Team

Our team covers 3 continents, 3 states, and grows constantly.  We are happy to attract the best and brightest people who share a strong desire to work in the best interest of our clients.  Each employee gains a share in the success of the company - something no other firm in our industry is doing today.  That sets us apart, and we think you will notice the difference.


People, not resources.

Our company is 100% owned by the people who work for you.  Our growth and success impacts their lives directly, not indirectly.  Job security and working on cool projects is often what brings the best people in, but what keeps them long-term is knowing that they are building success for their families, our clients, and their colleagues.

Executive Team

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David Ebel

Founder, Managing Partner

As a  seasoned E-commerce services executive with past leadership roles at GoDaddy.com, Acquity Group, Accenture, PFSWeb, and Zaelab, David brings his experience and passion for digital commerce innovation to our clients.


Fin Robb

Chief Digital Officer

Having been directly responsible for the direct-to-consumer business at Disney, Lego, and Guitar Center, Fin brings a wealth of experience that benefits Sebae Group clients directly.  As a success in his multiple high level business roles, Fin shares that knowledge with clients and prospective clients as Chief Digital Officer for Sebae Group.

Leadership Team



Principal, Director of Operations

With years of experience making development projects work efficiently for companies like Thomson Reuters, Anna ensures Sebae Group teams get the support and communication they need. 



Principal, Director of Development

Sergiy has deep background in e-commerce development and technical leadership.  Having built on platforms like SAP Hybris, and commercetools for enterprise clients, his role at Sebae Group is one of the most critical to our shared success.



Principal, Financial Officer

With an almost super-human attention to detail, and personal commitment to the success of the organization, Nataliya is the absolutely best person we could hope for to manage the company finances.  

Next Steps...

If you are navigating the complexity of the digital commerce landscape, look for a partner that can help.  Give us a call at to speak to a real person, right away.   Toll-Free   (877) 471-8845