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When I began this journey in January of 2017, I had already built some brief experience working with this small but growing microservices platform called commercetools. The pitch was clear - monolithic platforms were creating pain and expense that was hurting companies and development teams, and it was time for a big change. Having spent 18 years helping clients select, build, and grow businesses that harnessed the power of platforms like SAP Hybris, IBM Websphere, and Salesforce Cloud, this was an idea that took some time to really digest.

President of commercetools, Art Lawida @ ShopTalk 2017
President of commercetools, Art Lawida

In fact, it was that prior experience with large clients and monolithic platforms that made me choose commercetools as the very first strategic partner with who Sebae Group would form a relationship. We joined forces the same month the company was founded, and within the next several months Sebae Group was designing global marketplaces and digital commerce architectures based on the commercetools platform for one of our clients. The ball has kept rolling and today we are a leading implementor of microservices-based digital commerce solutions for leading enterprises.  The services work is more creative, rewarding, and results in higher ROI than any work I've done previously in my career.  Attracting the most talented engineers is made easier by presenting a more attractive project profile, and leveraging a wider variety of toolsets - all centered on a contemporary DevOps model.  This is what the best and brightest in the global resource pool want to be doing, and it's helped me build the best team I've ever been a part of.

Kelly Goetsch, and Dirk Hoerig speak with John Panella of SapientRazorfish
The CommerceTomorrow podcast hosts speak with John Panella of SapientRazorfish

On the second episode of the CommerceTomorrow podcast, John Panella, Group VP at SapientRazorfish, recently said, "It's easy enough now days to find people to manage a Hybris or IBM, or Oracle platform - but to find people that can truly develop a nimble microservices platform scalable is a challenge." Sebae Group is here to address that very challenge, and to provide the people, processes, and skills that enable new and better digital commerce solutions. Commercetools gives our clients a framework that can scale, and reduces cost and effort to complete a holistic enterprise solution, and we're very happy to be their strategic services partner with real-world experience.

David Ebel

Founder / CEO, Sebae Group

David Ebel is a digital commerce solutions advisor and services executive who has helped design and deliver transformative best-in-industry B2C and B2B digital solutions for organizations, including: Motorola Mobility, Taylor Made, Barney's of New York, Leon Max, General Electric, TUMI, Bare Essentials, BJ's Wholesale, Belkin, Aritzia, Skymall, Boot Barn,, The Children's Place, Carter's, and William Sonoma.